many things make a post

* On life as an older woman with blue hair.

* There are salads, though.

* Gate A-4.

* The options for writers seems to be either running or drinking.

* Our annual board game vacation in the mountains will take place soon. So many to choose from. And, yeah, they are all so much more fun than Monopoly.

* I'm pleased that the college I work for is nurturing her so well


* Note to self: see this.

* It was the Mary Todd Lincoln joke that got me.

* Heh. Deth Corg. (HT nerak)

qotd, and so it goes.

Here's the One of Life's Little Ironies Alert: On Monday, I'd scheduled this to post. It's about the death of one of Scalzi's outdoor cats. Having lost pets before, it touched me. Also on Tuesday, our always quasi-feral cat Barney went out and has still not returned. We're starting to suspect his end has come -- or that he's been taken in by some other suckers. But most likely the former. So if you live in our neighborhood and see a black-and-white car with one and a half ears whose just generally a jackass, let us know....

"In its way the last week is a bit of a microcosm of life, with pets as the players: People come into your life, people go out of it. You miss the ones that go, and remember them. You welcome the ones that come in, and try to make their stay in it worth the memory. Life goes on, and it is good. You get to be part of it, too."

-- Scalzi, on the loss of his Lopsided Cat*

* who looks a lot like our dear, departed, staggeringly dim cat Trout.


sure. why not?

We've added a new member to the family. 


His name is Cosmo and he's a Leopard Gecko. Did I wake up one morning and think, hmmm. Geckos. There's a niche we've not yet filled in our home ecosystem? 

No. No, I most emphatically did not.

The Teen, however, has gone on and on about how much she loved them -- and, most importantly, did all of the research needed to care for said reptile. Cosmo is 100% her responsibility, other than parent-financed trips to the store for crickets* and mealworms**.

We're nearly a month into Gecko-ness and so far, so good. And, yes, he has been 100% her problem, which is nice, you know?


* surprisingly quiet.

** even more icky than I remember from high school bio.

many things make a post

* I might just have to print this out and put it on the fridge.

* This isn't alarming at all.

* On small towns and suicides.

* Grrrr.

* If you enjoy Science Fiction at all, you really should read these books -- and this review does a great job of explaining why.

* What ticks me off the most is how nothing happens.


* "Why are you asking that?"

* So much yes.

* Note to self: convince Teen to start watching Daria. (Also note to self: rewatch Daria.)