qotd, what is the point?

"I am an ordinary runner. I was ordinary from the moment I began, meaning, probably a lot like you. I didn’t start out as a 300-pounder, I never lost a limb and ran through it, I’m not a cancer survivor, I was never in jail, never homeless, never an addict, not running to compensate for a smoking habit, gambling problem, secret girlfriend, or any other dramatic deficit. I’ll never quit, but I have to talk myself into getting out every time. I don’t live to run, I run to live. My greatest sin is that I’m average."

-- Marc Parent, The Dark Art of Sticking to It.

things forgotten


A picture of this popped up in my facebook timeline earlier in the week and I'd forgotten it was a thing that had happened. Then I felt all warm and fuzzy inside, which has been needed lately. We can be so horrible to each other but sometimes we aren't.

Also: I'm sick and taking all kinds of decongestants and cough suppressants so life seems extra fraught right now. Soon, I hope, my baseline meh will return.

A little light during the dark time


In the middle of the last few weeks of the election, right about when I was seriously wondering why the heck I wanted to step so very far outside of my comfort zone and also seriously contemplating hiding in bed until Election Day had passed, I decided I needed some kind of reward. Win or lose, mind, because, while winning is awesome, the point was always to push the incumbent. Around the publication of each of my books, I bought myself a @glassybaby to have a tangible reminder of all of the work and pain and joy. And, so, this is my Fall of 2017 indulgence. The color’s name is “Lucky,” which is fitting, sort of. There was a lot of luck -- but you have to do the work to make the space for the luck to happen.

many things make a post

qotd, love child of P.J. and Hunter

(I intended to publish this on Friday and, um, forgot. So ....)

"Watching Carter Page immolate himself and incriminate a half dozen of his colleagues from the Trump-Putin 2016 campaign has been a strange, almost guilty pleasure. Profoundly disconnected, socially awkward, and reeking of late-stage virginity, he gives off the creepy Uncanny Valley vibe of a rogue, possibly murderous android or of a man with a too-extensive knowledge of human taxidermy and a soundproofed van. "

-- Rick Wilson on Carter Page. You really should read the whole thing.