it got better

le sigh

Cory, in honor of my birthday, decided to wake up "like a rock star," which is to say "in a pool of his own vomit."

I suspect that this will, indeed, be the sort of gift that keeps on giving.

Ah, 36.


Sorry about the clean up situation- but, I hope you have a Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday! I used to do that to my mother all the time.

Happy Birthday. I hope your day didn't continue as it began.

"like q rockstar" - brilliant. Have I been living under a rock never to have heard this before?

Also happy birthday and please ignore the fact that I didn't proofread my comment. I'm fun like that.

happy birthday! and, ew!

Happy Belated Birthday. Hope the Rock Star is feeling better.

Dude, I just got back to work after a week out with a stomach virus. Hope your affliction isn't as bad. Happy Birthday!

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