Bagpipes carry.
dare you

tempest, meet teapot

Dave Truesdale thinks that Imus and I are sisters in spirit.

He has a point -- I do need to offer an apology to the Japanese WorldCon committee. I wrote in anger and lashed out at the wrong people. I am sorry that I labeled you as "bastards." Mea culpa.

I do, however, know how the process works, even if it wasn't obvious from my column. And, no, I don't have much patience for online anonymity.

I also need to offer an olive branch to Naomi Novik. You are not a fern. You are a baobob tree. From this point forward I shall refer to you as such. :)

As for Truesdale and his allegedly maligned penis - I've  got nothing to offer. I don't know that we can agree on enough to disagree intelligently.  I will say that I am thrilled that there has been discussion about issue related to gender and the science fiction community as a result of what I wrote. That strikes me as a good thing.

For further discussion, however, go elsewhere. Like here.