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Happy Day! 5! We're coming up on 4 this year, and I think it's gonna be a doozy!

Happy Birthday to Maddy! We're sorry we missed her big day. We'll have to have our own celebration when we get home. Perhaps a trip to Pie in the Sky!

Happy Birthday to the Diva! Does turning 5 mean that kindergarten is coming up this fall?
p.s. just LOOKING at that frosting recipe made me gain 5 lbs. Yum!

The five pounds is totally worth it. It's the perfect not-to-sweet frosting. The only real trick is to make sure that the egg whites are over 160 -- for me, that means I can just barely keep my finger in for a second -- and there is no gritty sugar left.

And, yup, k-garten. Can barely believe this myself.

She's a beautiful child.

Happy belated birthday ! :)

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