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* Oddly enough, I think I stayed in the very same room that Elizabeth Gilbert did. This just adds to the many things I didn't know about Knoxville.

* I'm glad I'm not the only one who has this response to "California Gurls."

* Not sure why I find this charming.

* I'd like to shrink myself and live in these.

* What I like about these clips of scientists explaining what would happen if you stuck your hand in the Large Hadron Collider is the pause each takes to work through all of the different parameters before speaking. I also like that none of them start with "why on Earth would you do that?"

* I'm making one of these this weekend. Who wants a slice?

* In anticipation of the next Culture novel's release, a primer of the universe.

* "The ducks in the bathroom aren't mine."

* Steve from "Blue's Clues" talks about his date with a Playmate.

* Not only do I take great comfort in hearing about how professional chefs have injured themselves, I also love the layout that the NYT put on this piece.

 * Two things that made me snicker: Thing one and thing two.

* An experiement worth watching, if only to see if his wife beats him about the head and shoulders with a meat puck.

* The five stages of grading.

* I can't wait to see what comes out of this collaboration between Etsy and Nasa.

* Mike Birbiglia. Sleepwalk with Him.


The ducks are very small. Hee.

Save me a slice -- I'm coming home for that.

Thanks for the links to the five stages of grading; it helps to know that my husband is not alone, but I am getting really tired of the all-nighters.

Powell's has copies of the Iain Banks book already. I am so spoiled.

I miss Steve. Well, I would if my kids still watched Blue's Clues, which they don't. I think losing Steve was the straw that broke that particular camel's back.

Joe went to high school with Steve, fyi.

Loved the link to the podcast of Steve Burns telling his story. Great way to add laughter to the day. Thanks for recommending it.

I have such a crush on Steve. Seriously.

You are more than welcome. I feel compelled to share the links. It's nice that others like to read them.

My copy of the new Iain Banks is in the postal system somewhere, waiting to come home to me. Wee!

And, Kate, I'll bring cake on Friday.

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