dispatch from the weekend
up with figs, help.

many things make a post

* I might have to get an iPad just for this.

* Punch Brothers sing the National Anthem.

* East Tennessee: The Switzerland of the South 

* Dance as if no one's watching.

* In case you are uncertain.

* Will not be in London for this event because I can't stitch myself a TARDIS. Nuts.

* Probably the smartest thing you'll read about Weinergate. The money quote:  An erection isn't a physiological fact alone; it's a narrative event.

* A visual reminder that there are human beings in space right now.

* Is anatomy destiny?

* I usually chose the top hat because of the pleasing way it fits on my pinkie finger.

* Three from the NYT: Dana Spiotta (who I love) on the Erie Canal; Henry Alford (ditto) on swim suits; and John Jeremiah Sullivan on Disney (whose piece leaves me conflicted because a) he's an interesting choice for the story but b) I wish he didn't take all of the easy shots and make all of the easy points. Yes, it's a strange and fraught place. We know that. Show me what I don't know.) (And, also, I want to do the same sort of piece on Dollywood. Without the weed, tho.)


I'm the top hat or the dog.

I'm the grandma! I mean the thimble.

Well, Jesus Christ, are you finally going to get a job or what?

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