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qotd, on poisonous mushrooms

"Two mushroom experts, Larry Evans and Daniel Winkler, stopped by our cabin in Colorado en route to the Telluride Mushroom Festival one August, armed with a big basket of A. muscaria. They sliced and boiled a few of the younger specimens, then sauteed them. There was no gamesmanship: I could try them if I liked. I'm glad I did, because they were scrumptious, buttery and mild. My tongue and lips tingled a bit, but so slightly I was quite sure my reaction was psychosomatic. Shortly after eating them, however, I fell into a heavy natcotic-like sleep. It was, to be honest, just like the sleep the doctor puts you into before a colonoscopy -- the Michael Jackson drug. When I woke up 2 hours later, I was wearing one shoe."

-- Eugenia Bone, Mycophilia.


Where do I get those mushrooms? {Honestly the last time I had a colonoscopy, I told the doctor I understood M. Jackson.} {Should I not have said that?} ;)

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