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many things make a post

* Every summer I swear that this will be the summer I learn to can. Every summer I fail to do this. But, hey, having this couldn't hurt.

* Madonna defines third wave feminism

* About vaginal pH, prostitutes and HIV. Also about bizarre things humans do because of superstition. (Please don't read if the idea of lime juice on your ladyparts makes you queasy.)

* Speaking of: men speak their minds about women's health.

* Just keep moving.

* Do I need more yarn? No. No I do not. But this is tempting. And it's for charity!

* Want.

* Inside Neil deGrasse Tyson's office. Related: Extract your DNA using common household items.

* Goodness, how gorgeous.

* Note to self: eat here.

* If you get a chance (and are in your 40s), check out the Victorious homage to The Breakfast Club. It's better than it has any right to be. Of course, the kids had no idea why the Featureless Saint and I were so amused by their show.

* What does that even mean?

* On existentialism and Elephant and Piggie.

* A possible explanation for all of those feet. Not sure I trust the source, tho. (hat tip to nerak.)


The Simpsons recently did a Breakfast Club homage and I was like, "I wonder how many current Simpsons viewers are young enough to get that joke?"

Then I was like, "I am sad and old."


Do the kids even say "word" anymore?


One of my mid-20s-ish employees says "word" all the time, so I guess it's still 'hip.'

Buoyant shoes? Really? Huh.

If you can Wash, Cook and Boil, canning can be yours. Watch the Alton Brown Good Eats episode Urban Preservation - Jammin. It taught me so that I was confident enough to try strawberry jam. Then blackberry, then canned peaches from our own tree. Then the master course - my MIL's green tomato relish. You can even try it out in winter with a couple of bags of frozen blueberries.
Go for it.

We made our own strawberry preserves a year ago, but they were the freezer variety. I did enough canning through the years with my mom -- and the giant vegetable garden my folks still have -- to last a lifetime, thankyouverymuch.

Let me tell you about the jars of pickled beets my mom had in the utility room cupboard (where she stored canned stuff) for roughly 35 years. They sure were pretty.

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