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writerly Wednesday, narrative

many things make a post

* This makes me laugh every dang time I see it.

* John Steinbeck's writing tips.

* How having a toddler is like waiting tables

* Women are everywhere.

* They changed the world - and so can you. Every kid should watch this. Every adult, too.

* This makes me happy.

* And this makes me sad.

* Minimalist Econ Posters.

* Arg. If only this were playing until May! Arg!

* Sounds about right.

* My husband never gets asked this question

* "Instead of equality at work and in the home, we settled for "choice", "flexibility" and an exciting array of badly paid part-time work to fit around childcare and chores. Instead of sexual liberation and reproductive freedom, we settled for mitigated rights to abortion and contraception that are constantly under attack, and a deeply misogynist culture that shames us if we're not sexually attractive, dismisses us if we are, and blames us if we are raped or assaulted, as one in five of us will be in our lifetime." Read the rest here


Thanks for the link!

I love it when they crack each other up on the Carol Burnett Show.

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