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Here is my Christmas toy:


The watch, not the cat. He's not really a toy. 

It's a Garmin 410, which comes courtesy of an Amazon deal and a Santa Dad. The timing* was perfect. 

I've been wanting a running watch, one that will keep track of mileage and heart rate and stuff.** I've also sort of*** committed to running a half-marathon (this one) in May and the new gadget can help me toward that goal. Or so I've convinced myself.

But, oh, as much as I love technology, I hate learning to use it. I nearly burst into tears last night when it took me a good 15 minutes just to figure out how to charge the silly thing. In my own defense, there were at least ten different manuals and bits of important looking black plastic to sort through before I found the right ones. Still, I should not be so easily undone by a dang watch.

I managed to take it on an inaugural walk earlier, just to see what buttons do what. I've discovered two things: one, this watch was not made for my skinny little girly writer wrists and two, my perennial problem with not having touch screens recognize my touch extends to Garmins as well as iPods. Still, I shall persevere. 

Next I'll try to put on the heart rate monitor without electrocuting myself. Wish me luck.

Any tips from the runners out there? 


* pun not intended but I've decided to roll with it.

** highly technical term that only other runners will understand.

*** my brain has committed. We shall see how my body feels.


re: small wrists - that's probably the smallest you can get with HR monitor. I have a garmin 305 (even bigger) and it looks like a walkie talkie on my arm!

I know a few ppl with the one you have and they have to be careful to lock the touch bezel so long sleeve shirts don't cause menu perusing.

Took me a bit to realize with mine too... if it's taking forever to find the satellites, charge the darn thing!

Good luck with your training!

check out runsforcookies.com. She uses one of those.

Have you checked out the "couch to 5K" program? My sister (non-knitter, but still a good person) used it very successfully to train for a... 5 or 10K, don't remember.

Tiny wrist - I don't use one.

But I've found runmeter to be extremely useful (iphone app) - as long as I remember to turn it off.

Also - I have recently discovered arm bands to hold these things. (Reference "tiny wrists" above.)

The Couch-to-5K program is how I started running. It's pretty awesome. Now, like any good addict, I need more.

And I'm still working through the acclimation to the Garmin. I think I'll love it eventually, even if I have to knit a special pouch to keep it in....

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