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up with figs, a rerun

many things make a post

* This is the kind of publicity that makes someone!

* Scott and I were talking about this episode of the sadly departed Better Off Ted the other day. I wonder how the series would have fared post-Community.

* This might be the best explanation on the hows and whys of weightlifting that I've ever seen. Also, very sensible running advice. Also, this is awesome.

* Turkey Day by the numbers and a bonus Franklin cartoon.

* For my Dad, mostly.

* The Sainthood of James Garfield. (I nearly hurt myself with the bit about the water buffalo.)

* Three from slate: This will be on my next syllabus and what makes a man, and is Prague the most emo city?

* It's like Lynn Johnston lives in my house.

* I need this mug.


I just wanted to tell you that your "Many Things Make a Post" posts are my favorite thing on the internet. Thank you for doing them.

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