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You are bewitchingly and enchantingly gravitas-ful!

Back in the early '90s there used to be a Ben Franklin store in our eensy teensy hamlet. It too had stock from who knows when - ruffled aprons, acrylic yarn in '70s colors, It closed a few years later and became the new library building (which is now way too small and we are raising money to convert an empty supermarket into the new library). I don't know that it had anything carefully examined from Formosa, though...

My grandmother had hairnets like that! Hers had multicolor beads on them. I thought they were beautiful. :)

Beguiling. As in, a beguiling creature in a hairnet. As in, a decorated hairnet is a beguilingly brilliant way to enhance greying hair. I think you're on to something.

Hairnets are totally going to make a comeback. I am such a trendsetter.

Well, it does curtail the {explosion - S's word, not mine} but I agree with the other commentators - bewitching. I wish I could pull one off, I'd wear it EVeRY DAY!

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