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At General Assembly this past year, they spoke of spiritual growth and often how it leads us into uncomfortable situations. They suggested that we "lean into the discomfort" for that is the spirit trying to grow. Your talk of courage brought that to mind, the desire to confront our challenges as opposed to letting them keep us stationary.

I would lend you courage, but I will be needing all I can find for the upcoming year. Perhaps I'll just share with you how/when I lean into my discomfort and hope that you share your triumphs in 2013 with me.

My word is strength. It was going to be strength and focus, but I can see how two wouldn't go well so I'm choosing strength. (Nice job working both Gaiman and Vonnegut into a sermon.)

Maybe my chronology is off but wasn't 2012 about running for you?

Kindness. That's my word.

This is beautifully put. And, I really like your one-word idea every time I hear about it. Sadly, at the moment, the onky word my head can seem to get itself around is 'mucous.' So, I think I'll wait a few days and try again.

Appreciate (with undertones of awareness). To appreciate and be thankful for the wonderful parts of my life. But also, to pay attention to people and things around me whether they are good or bad. The expression "appreciate the situation" came to mind.

What a wonderful sermon and I'm so proud of you for giving it and sharing it here.

I also choose a word for the year (but didn't in 2012, I think because 2011 was so bad. Turns out 2012 was the best year of my life.)
This year's word is Renaissance. I broke it in a few weeks early and it is working for me.

A ~ best wishes for having the courage to take creative leaps ~ and courage in all things.

Thanks for the kudos.

Also, to Heidi, Mucous is a stupid word. Wait until a better one comes along.

And 2012 was only de facto about running. It wasn't a conscious choice.

Excellent! Very sorry to have missed it, but glad to read it here. Proud of you, friend!

My word? Hrm...


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