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Feeling kinda rough today. The news that an 8-year old boy was killed in the explosions yesterday hit me pretty hard. I can see my family in the same situation, with kids and one parent cheering on the other parent when the unthinkable happens. There are no words, just pain by proxy. I can't even imagine.

And, so, three Boston related links: Two from runners I follow (and followed on the BAA website until the race ended): Amby and Eat, Drink, and Run. Here's what you can do to help.

* A moment of corgi-related levity.

* And Hildi Santo-Tomas-related levity.

* I want to make these

* In case you, like me, have always wondered.

* Our changing beauty standards.

* People are weird.

* So this is ... specific. (True fact: this is my go-to request in all situations where one might be asked to request a song.)

* Well you can just rock me to sleep.

* We were very lucky to be able to afford a wonderful day care/preschool. Most aren't

* Tracy Moore nails it.


Oh, Hildy. I knew that hay room had to be in there. As I recall, there were also unsanded wooden boards instead of blinds for maximum splinters, broken colored glass rods in a wire mesh as a fireplace screen, and she had them remove a real mahogany mantel to replace it with something cheap.

Was she also the one morally opposed to ceiling fans? Or was that all of them?

i love your many things.

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