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It looks fabulous! and I think you did an amazing job. Thanks to the hubby and your dad for making the framework. STANDING OVATION!

I love that they put lights on the mitten tree!

You are your father's daughter. Sil always said, "Field fit and paint to match." Great work by all.

that is the most beautiful tree I have ever seen.

It's lovely! People are awesome!
Will you do it again next year?

It looks great! Thanks for doing this.

Thank you so much for posting this. The tree looks heartwarmingly beautiful!

Aww. That is all I can say, just awww.... (You are the greatest!)

Better that you didn't try to figure out mathmatically how tall the tree should be. I am a numbers person, and although I think I know how to figure it out, it wouldn't be all that easy.

Thank you for taking the initiative. It's inspiring.

That's my favorite tree ever. You're amazing.

Great job!! It's beautiful. Thank you

Thank you, from a second grade teacher who tries to teach her students everyday that love beats hate, every single time. I'm getting them ready to do things like this when they grow up!

ok, that's awesome. :D

and hey, i was glad i could contribute, even if it was only three pairs. if only more problems could be solved by knitting mittens. :D

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