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April 2017

qotd, bad citizenship

"We owe it to ourselves to take account of reality. And we owe it to the country, too. It is cheap, it is cowardly, and it is bad citizenship to simply shriek “fake news!” every time reality forces a hard choice upon us. Living in a free, self-governing society means making a great many hard choices, and there is no one to make them but us."

-- Kevin D. Williamson, "Consuming Journalism 101"  

merch alert!

You’ll be hearing more and more about this, I promise. For now, though, lookie!

Figs cover

Lisa explains how this came to be much better than I could right now. But, the highlights: 

We partnered up on a weird project called Up With Figs a few years back. 

We had fun, mostly, except when we didn’t because we wanted to be lazy and not do our work.

In going back to make the coloring book, we discovered that Lisa really likes drawing body hair and I really like writing about dogs and pie.

You can get a copy right this very minute on Lulu. Copies will also be available on Amazon soonish. And, yes, I will let you know when.

Now go get your pencils ....

many things make a post

many things make a post