qotd, can I get an amen?
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qotd, for your earholes

Apologies for the relative silence. We've been traveling, as one does in the summer when one has kids to amuse. More about that later. First, tho, today's quote: 

"Lately, things have been trending crapshow."

This is from Al Franken's Giant of the Senate, which we've been listening to in the car. It's narrated by Franken himself and is, by turns, touching, hilarious, and maddening. All three simultaneously sometimes, too. I highly recommend it, btw.

On a similar tip, the most recent Pod Save America features an interview with Cory Booker that restored my faith in humans and in the political process. No, none of those things are perfect (far from it, frankly) but the potential for goodness has long been in both. Also highly recommended. It's the episode titled "Tweet Your Feelings."


On a medium-length road trip last month two friends and I listened to the first couple hours of Al's book. The hardcover in on my nightstand. I ♥︎ Al Franken.

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