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many things make a post

many things make a post


Regarding your first item, a colleague had a drunk college student wander in and fall asleep on their living-room couch. In his sleep, he didn't merely wet himself - he positively soaked himself.

They now have a new couch.

When I was in high school we lived in northern MN. One winter night, temp about -20˚, my mother, whose bedroom was on the ground floor, heard someone coming into the house. We lived in the country down a 1/4-mile driveway, but a man on his way home after the bars had closed had mistaken our driveway for another road several miles farther down the highway. Mom grabbed a knife from the kitchen and confronted him. His car was stuck in the snow around our yard, he was too drunk to drive anyway, but he was not dangerous in any way, except possibly to himself. I think she called a tow truck -- or maybe he called a friend -- and he got home somehow. Me, I slept through the whole think in my bedroom upstairs. And everyone in town knew the story by dinnertime the next night.

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