many things make a post
shameless self promotion, 163 in a series

many things make a post

  • If, like me, you can't focus on writing if there is music on that also has words and/or really like the cello, listen to this.
  • I have two things to say about this story: one, I couldn’t agree more and two, my friend can now say she’s a New York Times writer!
  • I didn’t recognize her.
  • I’m with her.
  • While the right likes to claim the biggest problem on college campuses is liberal professors, hunger is actually the biggest problem. And a solvable one, if we want it to be.
  • The verdict on this case could set an interesting precedent. 
  • I'd totally watch this.
  • I LOL'd so hard I startled the dog.


I cried a little reading that Bloggess tweet stream.

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