bees’ wreath

I’m still in craft clean-up mode because I’m still waiting for info on a couple of other work-related projects. So .... 

I’ve made a few Paper Source wreaths for our front door and switch ‘em out every change of season. I didn’t have a true summer one, though. Now I do.


The kit itself no longer exists on their website, which isn’t that much of a surprise since I’ve had it for at least a year. Maybe two? No more than three, certainly. 

I like the finished product okay but it seems a little clunky to me. And, just FYI, those honeycomb shapes are a massive PITA. Still, happy to have finished it. 

You’ll get another craft tomorrow. And, likely, on Friday. I’m excited, too.

actual knitting content

Because I have a couple of work-related projects that I’m waiting to hear more about, I’ve been cleaning out the craft closet. And, as luck* would have it, there were a couple of UFOs** that could be quickly FO’d. You’ll be seeing them this week (and maybe next, given how slowly decision-makers make decisions in July and August).


Prairie Fire pullover in Spirit Trail Birte*** with omnipresent corgi.**** I cast on after I saw someone else’s Prairie Fire at Rhinebeck and have to have one of my own. Conveniently, I was a Spirit Trail Booth Wench all weekend and knew where I could get some tasty, tasty yarn. Fun pattern; yummy fiber. Total win. 

However, I’m going to have wait to really wear it because it’s so blooming humid here. But maybe it’ll cool off by Rhinebeck time? I’ll be in the booth again....


* not luck because this is a thing I do, apparently

** UnFinished Objects

*** I think. The ball band has vanished.

****next band name   

qotd, chicken or egg?

“The election of Obama in 2008 had felt like a cleansing moment for America, a proof point that our present was better than our past. People wanted so desperately to believe that we lived in a country that could elect an African American, and when that came to fruition, people wanted to believe that America had crossed the Rubicon and left our less than glorious past behind. There was some real truth in these hopes and dreams, but Obama’s historic election and successful presidency also roused some sleeping demons and brought them from the fringes into the mainstream of the Republican Party.

“It’s possible the Republican Party was headed down this path anyway as their voters got older and whiter while the rest of the country was getting younger and more diverse. But there is no question that the election of a young African American president with the middle name Hussein catalyzed the craziness.

“If you want to understand how and why the Republican Party stands by the daily moral and political outrages of Donald Trump, it begins with their response to the election of Barack Obama."

-- Dan Pfeiffer, Yes We (Still) Can.

qotd, eye rolling

"National media misperceptions to the contrary, this will not look like a far-left reinvention of Tea Partiers or a continuation of Bernie 2016. It will look like retired librarians rolling their eyes at the present state of affairs, and then taking charge. And it will happen first and foremost in the suburbs, those middle-class, Middle-American spaces that grew up alongside a generation—the Baby Boomers—whose last act of generational transformation may just have arrived."

-- “Middle America Reboots Democracy” by Lara Putnam and Theda Skocpal