many things make a post

* What happens when you focus on the women.

* Ooooooh. Shiny

* Maybe this Thanksgiving?

* This: 'It feels like I'm desperately homesick, but I'm home.'

* And this.

* New iPhone.

* I obsessively watched this show right after 9/11 happened. It was my meatloaf, my mashed potatoes.

* Gosh I love Lisa's sketches.

* Snerk.

* Ermahgerd!

* Carl Hiaasen is a national treasure.

* #6.

* Heroine Chic.

decorative gourd season

This is the first weekend I've had free in months.* I've celebrated by doing wacky things like baking bread


and making sauce. 

I also bought a significant number of apples, because I live in New York State where the apples are divine:


Macoun's are my favorite.

Today's grand plan, given that I have it off, included such fun activities as cleaning the house and culling the freezer. And then I looked outside. It's one of those glorious fall days that you know will soon pass. So I said screw the freezer, packed kids and dog in the car, and went for a hike.

Said kids and dog:


You can't get tired of this view:


Apparently the hike wore them out:


What I didn't get a picture of was Lucy celebrating the end of the hike by going for a swim in the pond, which meant a bath was in order when we got home. Good thing I'd cleaned the bathroom before we left.**

Now I'll tackle the freezer...


* It feels like months, anyway. Might only be a few weeks. I have problems with gauging time.

** and now need to clean it again.

shameless self promotion: part 347 in a series

I'm still struggling to recover from the race this weekend. On the upswing, mind you, and will be greatly helped out by the three-day weekend we're about to enjoy. And, yet, my body and brain keep giving up on the day far earlier than I might hope. Or maybe that's a result of the onset of Fall. Or both, come to think of it.

Regardless, I did manage to write about the Wineglass Half Marathon over at Another Mother Runner....


Last weekend, I woman'd the Another Mother Runner booth with Erica and Michelle at Zooma Cape Cod.* Michelle's picture of us shopgirls is probably the best -- and if you click the link you can read about her kick-ass 10K. I spent the weekend coveting her Boston Marathon jacket, as one does, and greatly enjoying the company of two wonderful, strong, smart women. 

Which isn't to say there weren't other wonderful, strong, smart women there. I just didn't spend as much time with them.

Like Michelle, I ran the 10K. Coach Christine let me know I had to keep my inner beast leashed for the run, otherwise I totally would have won this bad boy. Ahem. 

It was a great run. The scenery couldn't have been prettier.


Nor could the weather have been more ideal. I ran it in 1:18 and change, which is by far my fastest 10K ever, but never really pushed terribly hard. And, while I was running through the finish chute, this wonderful woman jumped in and joined me:


As she peeled off to rejoin the folks she was waiting with, she said, "That was so much FUN!" Truth, sister. Truth.

It was a huge confidence boost to run so quickly (for me) and feel so good as I slide into the Wineglass Half this Sunday, where I hope to PR. And confidence is key. Physically, I think I'll be fine. The mental game, however, can get a little shaky. Still, I have grand plans to kick its ass.

Before the kicking, some other mother runners and I, will be womaning that Expo. Come see us, if you're in the area!


* Zooma is a woman-centric race series that holds events all over the country at swanky, scenic resorts.** Napa Valley looks particularly tempting.

** This was taken about 20 feet from our hotel room.