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qotd, the comfort of Newton's second law

"An underappreciation of the Second Law lures people into seeing every unsolved social problem as a sign that the world is being driven off a cliff. But it is in the very nature of the universe that life has problems. It’s better to figure out how to solve them, by applying information and energy to expand our niche of life-enhancing order, than to start a conflagration and hope for the best."

- Steven Pinker, Why Things Fall Apart.

many things make a post

qotd, be careful what you wish for

"Those worried that President Trump and congressional Republicans are about to enact a sweeping agenda may have an unexpected ally: legislative incompetence. As Carl Hulse points out in the New York Times, nearly two-thirds of House Republicans have never served with a GOP president. McCarthy, elected in 2006, has never experienced unified Republican control. Now Republicans have to switch from reflexive opposition to passing their own laws and being held responsible for the consequences. Turns out they haven’t developed those muscles."

-- From Dana Milbank's opinion column in the Washington Post.

Also: a little bit more about Pussyhats.

Also also: Thanks, Todd.

knitting your protest

I've spent the last two weeks knitting pink pussyhats. I don't plan to wear them to the Women's March on Washington myself, not because of a lack of desire but because I'll be 30,000 feet in the air when the march is marching. But I do have two friends going....







The yarn is Valley Yarns Goshen (in Bright Pink, just in case you couldn't work out the color). I didn't want to use the called for wool because I know that at least one of the women I'm knitting for is a delicate flower who gets itchy from sheep-based yarns. I messed about with the stitch count, too, because my first hat seemed a little big and, um, floppy. Which is likely not what one wants from a pussyhat.

All three hats will go to the march, though. I'm sure there will be someone willing to wear the spare.

For a pattern and more info, click here.