shameless self promotion: yards and yards edition

This is my (recently reorganized) yarn stash.


Why am I showing this to you? Two reasons: 1) it will likely not look this good for too long and 2) because I recently spent a great deal of time thinking about yarn stash because of Clara Parkes.

You might know Clara. You might not. She is, above all else, a lovely human who it’s fun to be around. She also writes and edits books. And her most recent project is A Stash of One’s Own: Knitters on Loving, Living with, and Letting go of Yarn. It’ll officially be released on Sept. 12.

Yours truly just happens to have an essay in there, along with  Meg Swansen, Lela Nargi, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee, Amy Herzog, Ann Shayne, Gudrun Johnston, Kay Gardiner, Rachel Atkinson, Franklin Habit, Anna Maltz, Sue Shankle, Amy Christoffers, Clara Parkes, Jillian Moreno, Susan B. Anderson, Lilith Green, Rachael Herron, Kristine Vejar, Eugene Wyatt, Aimée Osbourn-Gille, Kim McBrien Evans, and Debbie Stoller.  I can promise you that at least a few of these will be funny and a few will be touching and all of them will be good, because that’s how Clara rolls.

If you’re a yarn-y type or a word-lover or both, you should pre-order.

As for my stash closet: I learned that I really do not need another tote bag ever. EVER. 

for your ears

I meant to plug this earlier but was distracted by the thought of a three-day weekend because that’s how I roll. So ...

You can hear Sarah Bowen Shea and I discuss pelvic floors with Julie Wiebe on this week’s Another Mother Runner podcast. I’m told it’s pretty funny. And, ya know, informative.

Also: 99 Percent Invisible re-ran one of my all-time favorite episodes last week and it is even more resonant now: Notes on an Imagined Plaque. You should give it a listen.

qotd, why it matters

"It was also an image that suggested that Trump is the kind of woman who refuses to pretend that her feet will, at any point, ever be immersed in cold, muddy, bacteria-infested Texas water. She is the kind of woman who may listen empathetically to your pain, but she knows that you know that she is not going to experience it. So why pretend?"

-- The great Robin Givhan on Melania Trump's footwear

many things make a post

many things make a post

qotd, the strategic response

"By undercutting the gravitas white supremacists are trying to accrue, humorous counterprotests may blunt the events’ usefulness for recruitment. Brawling with bandanna-clad antifas may seem romantic to some disaffected young men, but being mocked by clowns? Probably not so much."

-- MOISES VELASQUEZ-MANOFF in the New York Times about meeting violence with humor and how that may be the most effective move of all.