qotd, a little leckie

“I had met quite a few priests in my long life, and found that they were, by and large, like anyone else — some generous, some grasping; some kind, some cruel; some humble, some self-aggrandizing. Most were all of those things, in various proportions, at various times. Like anyone else, I said. But I had learned to be wary whenever a priest suggested that her personal aims were, in fact, God’s will.”

-- Ann Leckie, Ancillary Mercy

many things make a post

* This show is perhaps the closest a TV show has ever come to really capturing what it's like to work in theater.

* #thisistheface

* Warren G. Harding also used the White House coat room for sexy-times.

* Your brain is a dishwasher.

* Such a tough story. Still so important. And will likely get worse before it gets better.

* The donut of despair.

* "Clandestine acts of decoration."

* My daughter has Celiac. Yes, she had it before gluten free eating was cool.

* Even obstetricians struggle with what makes a "good mother."

* To the Teenage Girls at the Swimming Pool.

* Your life in weeks.

* Now that Jon Stewart is gone, Matt Taibbi might be who keeps me off of the ledge.

* I love this.

actual knitting content, socks!

Yes, I do still knit. I offer the following as proof:


(It's a challenge to take a picture of your feet in socks, btw.)

Hedgerow socks, using Sundara yarn from the 2014 Knitter's Review Retreat Stash Lounge. This is the second pair of Hedgerows I've made. It's such a great pattern -- well written and the pattern stitch is just complicated enough to be interesting but not so complicated that you have to pay a ton of attention. I suspect at least one more pair in my future.

Next up: a sweater, once I marshall my mental reserves to read the pattern and wind the balls. As one does.

note: I am not trained clergy.

On Sunday, I gave the sermon at the UUSO, which is the place worship (and post-service coffee and cakes) we call home.


We also need a new marquee -- but you get the idea.

I generally give the reflection at the church once a year, usually during the Christmas season when schedules get strange. The most recent one is now in podcast form here. But I was asked to fill in during the summer this year. I initially declined, mostly because I didn't have any ideas in my head. Then, suddenly, while out on a run, I knew what I wanted to talk about. 

Right now, the reflection is just available in manuscript form and I'll paste it behind the cut. When the podcast is edited and available, I'll call attention to it, too. It might be something to listen to while out on your own run -- or while pursuing whatever goal might tickle your fancy.

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baby steps

I've made zero secret that I dealt with postpartum depression after the now 13-year old's birth. I even wrote a book about it. My hometown now has a foundation dedicated to education and research about postpartum depression -- and may even be successful with positioning itself as a center of research. And while that's laudable and a cause I'll support, it's a shame we didn't move quickly enough to prevent Alexis Joy D'Achille's death in the first place. While we're getting better about talking about mental illness, we still have a long, long way to go.

many things make a post

* For all of the other Hitchhiker's fans....

* Gamifying the vagina.

* You really should be watching this show.

* Tea art, which is almost a palindrome but not quite.

* On the appeal of doing hard things.

* Something about this tickles me more than I could possibly describe.

* Fieldwork Fail.

* What does Jiggery Pokery smell like?

* Golf is a much stranger game than I'd imagined.

* How to love running -- or any sport.

* Earn it. Matt Walsh hits on something that has long driven me nuts about that quote.