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Don't just take my word for how great this book is, check out what Kirkus, Publisher's Weekly, and BookPage have to say.

And if those sources didn't tell you enough, how about this review from the New York Times (!), this story from The Lily, or this tweet from Secretary Clinton: 

Screen Shot 2020-03-08 at 3.24.53 PM

Given that we are currently #SaferAtHome, I've been making the podcast rounds. Give a listen to Zestful Aging, where we talked about just doing it,  Mama Bear Dares, where we talked about the importance of local government, and/or The Upstate Regular, where I talk about our county's COVID-19 Challenges. 

NEW: I did an online reading for the Princeton Public Library and talked a little bit about what local government is facing right now. If you've wondered what I look like at a reading, give it a gander.

NEW NEW: The Hillary Clinton story continues...

Oh, hey. I knit stuff.

I know, I know. Long time, etc. General Bedlam* has kept me from writing about knitting, even though I have been. 


This is Humulus, which I started in August and finished-finished this week. I love this pattern and this yarn.** I'm not as in-love with the size I chose to knit. It's not awful, mind, but I was thinking of sweater that was more weekend-y and slouch-y and less fitted. It's my own fault for not swatching (I know. Don't say it.) but I enjoyed the process so much that I might just knit another one more to my liking. Stay tuned.


I do have Marty Feldman eyes. Why do you ask?


* and his Captains Chaos and Clusterfuck

** Berroco Ultra Wool DK

comfort knitting

I do still knit, FYI, but mostly simple projects while watching TV.


My default is the Hitchhiker scarf, so chosen because a) it's just interesting enough and b) it lets me use the random skeins of sock yarn in my stash. This random skein is Countess Ablaze's Rebel Fingering in "Make Do and Mend." If I could only buy this particular yarn for the rest of my life? I'd be perfectly content. The merino/yak/silk blend is perfection and the Countess' colo(u)rs are divine. 

This Hitchhiker is modeled by my oldest kid, whose outfit -- a romper she calls her clown suit -- matches more than I'd imagined. 

I have two Hitchhikers without homes on my TBD shelf. In the past, I've sent them out to folks who make a donation to Fair Fight, because without equal access to the ballot box, you don't have a democracy. If you'd be interested, send an email or leave a comment....