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"... I think that hope is a moral obligation and I've been saying that for a long time now. I don't think that hope is just a feeling state. I think that hope is a choice you make. It's not a choice to deny reality, but it's a choice to use your intelligence to examine the world in front of you and the obstacles to progress and to try to identify places from whence progress can reasonably be anticipated and to try to put your efforts into making those -- I mean that, to me, is what hope is, it's an activity. Just as I think despair is, I think that both take effort. And I remain optimistic, I think that is still work to do."

-- Playwright Tony Kushner, as quoted in Andrea Bernstein's (amazing) American Oligarchs.

many things make a post

this goober right here

A year and a couple of months ago, we adopted a dog. He'd been found wandering the beaches of Puerto Rico and was rescued by the Sato Project. Eventually, he would up with us. 


Lobo is, in short, a gigantic goober. He origin story is also a total mystery. 

Because I had some spare Christmas cash, I decided to see what science could tell us about this majestic beast. A couple of weeks later, I have the results. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-22 at 12.27.24 PM

What's surprising is how much husky is in there. We figured there was some but not that much. What's also surprising is that there is no shepherd, which means I should stop calling him a husky-shepherd mix. I didn't expect the Akita, either, but here we are.

Also surprising: the DNA service also gives descriptions of each breed's most prominent traits. All three of those are described as intelligent, loyal, and stubborn. So two out of three isn't bad. 

Most surprising of all, however, is that this wanna-be sled dog wound up on a Caribbean beach. That's the mystery I most want to solve and the one that is most difficult to unravel. 

many things make a post