qotd, what is polite?

Afterward, it will be easier for people to see the Ivanka that Ivanka wants to be seen. “Look, this crowd is not off reading Rosa Luxemburg at two in the morning,” says Rich Farley, a New York lawyer and the author of Wall Street Wars. “They invited Roy Cohn back with open arms.” Farley is sure: “The only unpardonable sin in New York society is poverty.”

-- from Elaina Plott's profile of Ivanka Trump in The Atlantic

qotd, on Hudson Yards

"It is a self-contained city (subsidized by my taxes) for recent transplants to New York who make a billion dollars and do not ever think about money. Working up the energy to be upset about its inception is low on my list; I would much rather enjoy the utter weirdness of a real estate developer’s vision of grandeur. Every city in the world will eventually look the same and this is an inevitability I have chosen to accept. Ideally, I will be dead by then, and then, of course, I will no longer care."

-- From Megan Reynolds' piece on Hudson Yards. Stay for the last paragraph.