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From Nanette this week.

I work in the music business. Glamorous as this may sound, we are actually just two women in a home office in South Austin. Hipness, youth and cool factor are a common topic of conversation between me and my boss, i'm 35 and she's 39. We often remenisce about our cool groovy old days when we actually went out to see the kind of bands we work with and go to the clubs we talk to everyday and it dawns on us that we are sooo way out of the cool scenes we envision ourselves part of still.
soooo, the topic is - what 5 ages would you like to be and why., either to re-live or that you imgine would be ideal in the future. Hey, if you are so inclined and have a moment to spare, what about throwing in 5 ages you would NEVER want to be again, and why:

1) 20-21. Second and third years in college. Old enough that there was freedom and comfort with the routine of classes, but not old enough that there was real responsibility.
2) 27. The year I started at the Pulse and I had the reckless enthusiasm that made every day in the office giddy fun.
3) 30. It was just a good year, despite my dread of it. Finally felt like I knew what I was doing, for the most part. Still do, usually, but sometimes The Diva throws a wrench into my joie de vivre.
4) 40. I hope things will settle down by then. Unlikely, I know, and change is life's only constant still it would be nice to have a few relatively calm years. I figure 40 may be one of 'em.
5) 90-100 (if I make it that long). I'd like to see how it all turns out, you know?

Years to never do again:

Pretty much 10-18. Sucked massively. Words can not describe their sheer unpleasantness. And, no, I don't want to talk about it.

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Did anyone really enjoy high school?

I mean, seriously - who are those people that say (in all seriousness) "Those were the best years of my life!"? What the FUCK kind of loser do you have to be that your life peaked when you were 17 fucking years old? If I was in my 30s and that was the best my life had ever been, I'd off myself.

Well...I enjoyed high school. I mean, I wasn't cool and didn't get girls and felt awkward and inadequate in lots of ways...but I had a good time. I formed my first rock band, published my first underground newspaper, had good friends. And it got better as it went -- senior year was a blast. So I guess that would be one of my answers: age 17.

Others...21-22 was good (graduation and six months bartending and then my first "professional" job). 9 was fun (lived in England for 6 months, spent a lot of time taking driving trips with my parents across misty moors to castle ruins, etc). 27 was good (started at Metro Pulse). And 31-32 was ace, most especially for meeting the lovely Julia.

The misery index would peak at 12 (moving in 7th grade to a new jr. high school with a bunch of rich, snobby kids on my bus) and especially at 29 (sing along with Tammy now, D-I-V-O-R-C-E).

So far, 34's pretty good. Apart from not being rich and famous, of course.

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