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This gem from Teresa Nielsen Hayden about masculinity:

Men still go on being men, and their dangly bits are no more nor less efficacious than they ever were, whether or not their womenfolk agree to go along with the gag. I mean, if the degree to which a man is treated respectfully had a direct influence on his masculinity, middle-aged white execs would be superstuds, and inner-city young black men would be so meek that they’d make Alan Alda look like Rambo.

Her post is in response to Kim du Toit’s argument about the "pussification" of the American male. Rather than recap her cogent argument here, I'd suggest going there and, also, reading the comments. It's good stuff, as well as a good take-down of what du Toit presents.

(At the risk of sounding like a deranged fan, have I mentioned lately that I intend to buy Ms NH a beer should I ever meet her?)


I wonder what the guy's defending. Because that's the tone that slips between the lines. Like his palms and the small of his back are sweaty. Like someone's making him nervous. Because nobody's listening and he's forced to shout louder and louder. People turn, look and then turn away. As stated, the problem seems to be the perceived neglect of 'traditional' rights and perogatives by those that owe respect.
But that's evolution. The Neanderthals died (read killed) off by people more able to make and adapt to change. A modern low-brow howling at the moon.

Do you think his name is pronounced "du Twat"?

Just wondering.

"du Twat" is probably what has given him such a complex.

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