little tiny peepees
friday five


Mystery growth # 2 -

looks like what Swedish Grandmother of Pip call 'kirskål'.
cannot be got rid of unless you're into agent orange.
but not being a botanist and not even knowing what you'd call that stuff in english i'd suggest i shut up.
looks edible though.

That is one cute baby.

Melissa: She is, isn't she. We tremble at what she be like as a teenager. We are doomed.

Rob: While I appreciate the info, my Swedish doesn't really extend beyond "aquavit" and a few names for herring. Sorry.


Got off my lazy bum and looked up kirskål in the dictionary - it's in there!!
Kirskål is Ground Elder and not Bergssyra which is Sheep sorrell (as named in the later post). You learn something new everyday, or at least a couple of days after ;-)

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