friday five
little tiny peepees

snot, snot, everywhere

Forgive the silence. The weekend started with a visit from Grandpu Martini (that'd be my dad, for those playing at home) and ended with a baby with a very high fever and some vomit. The Diva is now resting comfortably--the fever seems to have broken--and I amnow in the process of doing 9 loads of laundry and scrubbing everything with bleach. Eventually, I will take a nap, since trying to sleep with an impossibly hot child on top of you is difficult, at best. Couple that with the moments of grave terror when you start to think that no one could be that warm and still survive and you have one worn out mama who, additionally, misses her dad terribly. This, too, shall pass and I will once again return to whinging about the DMV and life's other petty irritations.


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