word for 2004

a chunk o' randomness

Couple of things that have been kicking around the desktop:

First, an E for Walter. Found this when I was putting Christmas stuff away. Do you still have the E, by chance? I seem to have lost track of where it may bE.

Second, normally, the Christmas stuff stays up until after the new year but the tree was rapidly moving from festive to fire hazard. Plus, it took up a big ass corner of the living room that has made moving about a challenge. And, so, the holiday season ends a bit early here. *shrug*

Third, due to a strange and unseasonable warm snap, we were able to plant Sabian today. If anyone can think of a fitting headstone/monument for the gray empress, let me know. I am going to send some $ to the vet's stray cat fund in her name as well.

Fourth, I've forgotten what fourth is. Hrm.

Fifth, over at Making Light, Teresa Nielsen Hayden's most excellent blog, a discussion of knitting is unfolding. Check it out, if you, like me, are keen to talk about the wonders of handwork. (Oh, and if anyone wants to learn how to make glass beads with me, I'm pondering taking a class in mid-April at the Corning Museum of Glass. Should be fun.

Sixth (and last, I think), this year, in lieu of making resolutions, which, let's face it, I really don't intend to keep, I am going to co-opt an ritual that Michael Barnes and Kip had. Every New Year's Eve they would announce the word they'll use to guide their path through the next year. Some previous year's words were concepts like "grace" or "wisdom" or "peace." I've been pondering what my word should be--and will, of course, announce it on New Year's Day to the tens of people who read this blog. I can tell you are simply breathless. Anyone care to join me?


being criminally bad at keeping new years (or any) resolutions the one word guide works for me, i'm in.
there are so many.

I know. It's hard to pick just one. But one it must be. There can be only one.

And now I have 36 hours to figure out what time it'll be here when it is the new year there. This kind of math always baffles me.

given that the pip doesn't want to be put down at all my word could be marsupial, but it isn't too catchy...when it comes to math i tend to go very quiet...we're +1 gmt...and i got that wrong the other day.

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