friday five, turkey edition
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design and the modern passenger

NYT magazine design issue this week, which includes a bit on Song, Delta's new brand of air "experience" that has been crafted by Kate and Andy Spade. The origins:

''Whenever I get off a plane,'' [Andy Spade] says, ''the first thing I do is I call Kate, and she says, 'How was the flight?' and I say, 'Well, nothing went wrong.' And that's the experience we're all used to. You never say, 'The flight was great.'

From here, a discussion of the color green--it's between parrot and lime, in case you're scoring at home--and the quality of the flight crew's chatter. To be honest, I now want to take a Song flight. I've got nothing against a little branding, especially for something so bland as air travel. YM, of course, MV.

In other news, I just looked up from the monitor and discovered that we're having a white out. It's going to be a long damn winter. Trout has already given up and spends his days curled up on the bed, glaring at us from under his tail. He has the right idea.


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