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more unapologetically cute baby pix

From the most recent batch:

Experimenting with headgear.

Also, for those in warmer climes, some snow, taken in Wilbur Park, which is a short walk from the house. The Diva and I bundled up, she jumped on the sled, and I took her for a drag through the neighborhood. The snow was still coming down but added up to a good six or seven inches all told. Damn scenic.

And, finally, for them's that care, Sabian's last morning. At least she got to spend it in the sun.


Scott's in the kitchen with a circular saw and a hammer. Sounds of destruction are wafting into my office nook. Also wafting in are the sound of Abba, which is good music for power tools and mayhem. Ah, the holidays.


Ye gods, that kid is cute.

As Franny would say, "Wow! She's so PRETTY!!!"

A woman in the grocery told me the other day that if the baby stays that pretty into her teen years that we are doomed. She has a point, especially since the Diva has figured out just how cute she is. Oy.

She may be cute Adrienne, but how many people have said that she looks a lot like YOU! Says something for your good looks as well!

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