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"In a book of 207 pages, Bragg includes more than 400 single-sentence paragraphs -- a well-established distress signal, recognized by book readers and term-paper graders alike. "

From David Lipsky's NYT review of weinie-boy Rick Bragg's I Am a Soldier, Too. (It's password protected, but a password is free. Actually, not sure you have to read the review in the first place. The above quote really sums it up nicely.)


well, i did like the way the reviewer saw and pointed out the true heroism of pvt. lynch - her unwillingness to become a meaningless symbol for either the pro- or anti-war sides. something that evidently her ghostwriter didn't get.

Bragg is not known for his grasp of subtleties. I thought it was a well-reasoned review, however, and one that makes me appreciate Pvt. Lynch more than I had.

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