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Writermama Faulkner Fox (and I thought I had a cool name) has a new book coming out, called Dispatches from a Not-So-Perfect Life.

From the PR blurbage:"Faulkner sheds light on and provides a context for the fear, confusion, and isolation experienced by many new mothers. She maps the terrain of contemporary domesticity, marriage, and motherhood in a voice that is candid, irreverent, and deeply personal. She also chronicles the unparalleled joy she and other mothers take in their children."

For those who can relate, the book hits the streets right before Christmas (it's already at Amazon) and Ms F will be doing a mini-book tour. If you live in one of the cities below and would like a personal invite, lemme know. It should be a hoot--and those who can ID with the imperfect life (and if you don't, why are you at *my* site...) will certainly enjoy meeting Faulkner and listening to her read.

The stops on the magical mystery tour are:
the NC Triangle area
the San Francisco Bay area
NYC/Brooklyn/Montclair, NJ areas
Austin, TX
Richmond, VA
Rochester, NY
Charlottesville, VA
Newport, RI

Need more info? Contact me or her.

And now I must brave the drive up to campus. Oy.


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