more miscellany

busy, busy

Sorry about the recent lack of updates. The term just started and I'm teaching one more section of Comm 100 than I thought I would be. While I'd like to say it's because I'm such a wonderful prof., I suspect it has more to do with being available when they needed someone. Still, the extra cash will be nice, but I'm trying to get the hang of the new schedule. Should be on it by next week and then there will be no stopping me. *snort*

In other news, it is snowing. And it seems that my agent is avoiding me. And my latest irritation is folks who won't return phone calls/queries. Seriously--I don't care so much if the answer is no, just as long as it's an answer. The constant limbo is tedious, at best.

It's probably chapping my bottom more than usual as of late because the Diva has now decided that nights are not for sleeping, but for chatting and/or shrieking. This, too, shall pass, but I am very, very sleepy. I dream of luxury hotels where I could sleep the day away, ensconced in high-thread count cotton sheets and have a maid. A view would be nice as well, but I shan't be picky...


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