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Marvin today:

I don't usually remember my sleeping dreams, but sometimes I do. I have a handful stored away in my mind, dreams that for one reason or another have stayed with me over the years from childhood on through today. What are your five most notable dreams; when and where did they happen; and what do they mean to you?

In no order, really:

1. One of those recurring dreams that I had for a few years when the fam was living in Atlanta, which means I must have been 6 or 7--In the dream I would wander down to the basement and discover my parents in front of an old school mad scientist's rig (you know--bubbling beakers and the like). They would swill one of their potions and both change from my parents into big scary monsters who would try to eat me. Any shrink worth his leather couch would have a field day, especially since these years were when the 'rents were realizing that they shouldn't be married anymore.

2. The details of the dreams I had during the last few weeks of pregnancy are no longer fresh--but on the whole the dreams were blood-drenched, violent and grotesquely erotic.

3. Another recurring dream that kept popping up during the years we lived in Knoxville. The ceiling fan in the bedroom was actually a big giant spider that was scurrying down to do something horrific to me. Given that I also tend towards night terrors, this usually led to screaming my lungs out at 3 a.m., which simply scared the bejesus out of Scott. I would then drop right back off to sleep, while he would lie in the dark and wait for the adrenaline to fade. He puts up with a lot, Scott does.

4. Duran Duran's John Taylor. I was barely a teenager. There was licking involved.

5. Most recently, heart-stopping nightmares in which we have one day to move again. Ah, the horror.

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Now how did I miss knowing you lived in Atlanta? What part of town?

My dad worked for DuPont until I was 8 or so and we moved every other year. Started in Wilmington, Del., where I was born, then Atlanta (Marietta, maybe? I was kinda young to remember it.), then Chicago (Downer's Grove, actually.)Pittsburgh is really the city I remember the most, tho. Moved there after DuPont and never left 'til I went to college. Until I moved to Knoxville, my fondest memories of Georgia were of visiting Stone Mountain and the time the next door neighbor's poodle dyed itself pink by rolling in red clay.
As to how you missed it, I can't really speculate. Well, I *can.* But I won't. ;)

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