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friday five (on saturday)

Morgaine this week:

Well, I've been thinking about absent friends - the people you just aren't in contact with any more, for whatever reason. Maybe it was intentional, on either of your parts, maybe there is something unresolved between you, maybe you just lost a phone number or address and you would be in touch, if only you could! - so:

Who are the five people from your past you would most like to be able to see, speak to or simply communicate with, by whatever means? Why did you lost touch? What would you tell them if only you had the chance - without fear of major repercussions, especially if that's why you haven't been in touch already!

The one is perhaps the most serious:

1) My mother's brother, who died well before I was born. He could answer so many questions, really, and help me figure out why there are all of these gaps in the family narratives. However, my time travel skillz are not mad, so this one is out o' the question.

The rest are just kind of "whatever-happened-to..." sorts of queries. I don't really have that many unresolved issues and intentional rifts.

2) Lisa Trimber. One of my best friends in high school. We lost touch when we both went to different colleges. Her parents were strict Catholics and Lisa apparently rebelled after she left home. Rumor has it--based on reports from my last high school reunion, which I missed--that she is currently a dominatrix living in Columbus, Ohio. No, really.

3) Dave Brzozowski. The first of many geeky artist crushes that I've had. Dave (and, yes, that is his real last name and not a series of typos) and I did summer stock together in Pittsburgh. He was a couple of years older and went to Penn State. We used to write each other long, strange letters. His were always filled with wonderful drawings. I think he always saw me as more of the little sister type. Ah, well. We simply lost touch.

(Strangely, I recently rediscovered the whereabouts of yet another geeky artist crush I had in high school--one Malchus Janocko. Yes, that is his real name. But that is a story for a different day...)

4) Laura Ashley. No, not the retail store. Also her real name, which she received long before the purveyor of milkmaid frocks made it on these shores. High school. Lost touch. Notice the trend? I suppose that's what happens when you leave town after graduation and never really come back.

5) Michael Dalmon, an actor I knew in Austin. We just got weird around one another after a very strange night, the details of which seem to be lost in a haze of smoke and liquor. Just always wondered what happened to him and if he ever made it to rehab.

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