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* Any amateur dream interpreters are welcome to have a go at this one, which I had last night (A note: normally, I won't share dreams, just because mine are pretty run o' the mill. This one, however, has a high amusement value.): So in the dream we were moving again, hired movers like saner people would and just had just arrived in the new house. For reasons that are unclear, I decided to walk to the truck depot, which was a mile or two away, to ride to the new house with them. For reasons that are even more unclear, I decided to make this walk with my 24-pound child in my arms--so by the time I actually got to said depot, I was exhausted. The place is enormous and full of other people's furniture, which they are selling. I track someone down and ask her about my truck. She looks it up. It's not coming, she says. Why? I ask. It was impounded on the PA border, she says, because New York State just passed a law banning Def Leppard albums, which they found in one of your boxes.

Even in my dreams, my music collection isn't cool enough.

* On knitting: Bing and Bong (Tiny Planets dynamic duo) had a whole episode about knitting this morning. Bing is quite the crafter.

* Jon Wertheim has released his Aussie Open seed report. I hope he's right about Agassi. Warns my heart to think of someone my age (in exponentially better shape, granted) winning the whole burrito. Course, Wertheim's usually wrong, but still a great read. Plus, he's also a David Foster Wallace fan, which has always made me want to have a beer with him. For what that's worth.

I think I need more coffee...


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