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My drive home from yoga last night was serene. Not because of the yoga, which helped quite a bit, granted, but because of the snow. It was like driving through a snow globe that had been recently upended. Streets were fairly empty, made even moreso by the town's law that your vehicle can't be parked on the side of the road if there's more than two inches of snow expected. A good thing--both for plows and less-professional drivers who like to not have to worry about hitting someone's car. Driving in the snow is kinda fun, if you're not in a hurry and the path is short. I just turned up the V-roys and crept along. By the time I got home, the town had that snow hush, like the sound waves themselves had snuggled in for the night.

This morning, classes were cancelled. Given how undaunted most Yankees are about snow, this should tell you how deep it is. From my home office, I can watch intrepid (and stupid) drivers slide down the hill on the corner. Plows are out, but with the snow still falling, they aren't making much headway. A good day to stay inside and do something I've been meaning to get to.

I've set up two photo albums. Scroll down to the bottom of this page. A word of warning--something is strange either in my camera or on the scanner (or both) and the quality is rough. Soon, I shall do something about this. But it will require leaving the house, which isn't going to happen soon.

Two more pixs that I found. Here's me in July of '72. Here's Maddy at about the same age. Yeah, it is uncanny. But there are differences. I promise.

Oh and here is the woman she is named after, my great-grandmother in a picture also from 1972.

And, now, to make hot chocolate and watch the flakes. And by "flakes" I mean the undergrads in the rental house across the street...


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