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friday five

Posted by proxy from Mojave 66:

My apologies for the lateness-- I've been scrambling at odd hours to try to
get into San Francisco's City Hall to marry my partner of 12 years. It's
been an amazing, profound experience-- such an outpouring of love and
support from damn near everybody in our city. Florists have been dropping
off free roses, there are offers of discounted hotel rooms, people passing
around food and honking and waving their support.

So this week's question is inspired by all this: what are the five most
profound moments of your life? Those are those moments when you know your
life is going to be altered for better OR for worse, that the path you've
chosen has either been slighly altered or you've even fallen off a damn
cliff and now it's incredibly altered. You may have no clue where this new
path will take you, but you know for a fact that you're stepping off in a
new direction.

Rough chronological order:

1) Moving to Texas with Scott. Sure, we were serious about each other and lived together during our last two years of college, but it's a whole other ball o' wax to pack up and move 2000 miles from where you've lived for the past 10-odd years. Oh, and you really have no job prospects in the field you've just spent four years getting a degree in. And you're really just following some guy across the country because he's the one who really seems to know what he wants. It was a huge leap, made huge-r by having to unpack in frickin' Texas during August and during a drought. Good times. Thought I'd made the worst mistake of my life.
2) Not getting in to grad school for the second time. In hindsight, this was the best thing that could have happened. At the time, tho, it was devastating.
3) Catching an episode of Oprah my second year in Austin. I'm not really an Oprah watcher. No, really. But it was on and I lacked the will to do much else. The show was about regret. She did a whole segment about folks on their deathbeds and what they regret the most. And it got me to thinking--what would I regret the most, if I were on my deathbed? It was an epiphany--it would be not seeing if I could make it as a writer.
4) The Diva.
5) Moving to Oneonta. The jury is still out on this one. It made sense on paper, but the reality is something else. Too soon to tell.

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