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friday five (on saturday)

bring the D

The Darkness ain't got nothin' on Tenacious D. Finally netflixed The Complete Master Works and embraced the fuckin' rawk that is Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Yeah, I love the album--but there's just something so cool about seeing the two of them live, armed with nothing but acoustic guitars, an inflatable dragon and a Saxaboom. It is glorious.

What makes the glory transcendent are the extras, like the original HBO shorts about the fermentation of the band and the D's backstage antics. As much as I love 'em (and harbor a secret crush on Jack Black), I'll admit that some of the bits can get a little long and ever so slightly tedious, but when they launch into "The Greatest Song in the World (Tribute)", all is forgiven.

Rock on.

Note: if you expect Tenacious D to be as sanitary and teen-friendly as School of Rock, you might want to rethink that. This is for those who appreciate all of the English language, not just the bits you can say in church.


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