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friday five (on saturday)

Me this week:

If time and money were infinite, what are the five things you'd love to learn how to do? Which of these do you think you'll do anyway, no matter what the economic and temporal restraints are?

My choices would be simple.

1. Learn how buildings work--architecture and interior design, more than carpentry. I already know which of a hammer to smash where. What I to know is design.

2. Learn enough yoga and gain enough confidence with same that I could teach it.

3. Learn how a small-scale industrial spinning mills work and run my own. No, really.

4. Learn how to play the piano or guitar with ease, verve and aplomb.

5. Learn how to snowshoe or ski. Looks like fun--and we have so much snow most of the time that it'd be wise to take advantage of it.

Which will I learn? I plan to figure out snowshoe-ing this coming winter. I'm plugging away at the yoga (which, if you know anything about yoga, is probably too goal oriented to be uttered) but will probably never teach it. I'd love to learn the mill thing and think it would be a fine investment, simply because there is currently a shortage of them (why I know this is a long story). Realistically, tho, it most likely won't happen. I don't even know where I'd start, frankly.

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