outside confirmation
shamless self promotion, part 14 in a series.

perfection salad and cakes

From the NY Times: Dinitia Smith investigates Laura Shapiro's latest book, which in turn investigates the juxtaposition of cake mixes and propaganda in her latest book, Something From the Oven. I keep meaning to pick up Shapiro's Perfection Salad, which explores the creation of home economics in the early 20th century and how that influenced generations of women. Shapiro seems to be poking at the meat of how habits and thoughts can be sculpted by the language that is used to describe seemingly mundane tasks, as well as how this can be both a good and bad thing.

What strikes me more, tho, is Dinitia Smith's inability to cook even simple things. I mean, come on. Feeding yourself--even in some half-assed way--is one of those basic life skills that everyone should have. Sheesh.


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