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To my tens of visitors who drop in just for the Friday Five lists, I apologize. Spring Break coupled with hours in the car compounded with the end of term have left my brain rather oatmeal-like. While the last few questions have been great and wonderful and thought-provoking, I can't quite come up with answers to deep questions that don't involve simply making lists of the tropical islands I'd like to visit or the areas of the house that need the most cleaning. Soon, very soon, this madness shall end.

A few tidbits, however:

--Last night, during dinner, the Diva jumped out of her seat and wandered off. She does that. Left on her plate were a few chunks of watermelon, which rocks the Diva's world, and four grapes. "You haven't touched your grapes," I hollered at her. She wandered back in to the dining room and climbed back into her chair. "Touch," she said, as she poked at the first grape with her index finger, then poked each in turn. "Touch, touch, touch." Not even two and already a smart ass.

--A good friend and I have a quandry. A third friend is getting married in June and the event is "semi-formal." Can anyone tell me what the heck that means? My good friend, an environmental chemist/college prof, is a profession not known for their sartorial prowess. I write from home most of the time and am therefore a) more concerned with "clean" than "appropriate" and b) never invited to events where I need to wear nylons. Both of us are flummoxed. Insights are appriciated. (Even better would be a personal shopper, but I shan't hold my breath.)

--I finally bought a digital camera, which I spent the weekend futzing with. Some snaps...
the Diva on cough syrup100_00302

Mooch with bib (long story)100_00342

Trout searching for love on the sidewalk below

And, now, to grade more papers. Woo.


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