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Gay Dollywood

Don't blame me. I voted for Ann.


The Hub and I caught Ann Richards (best governor ever) on Larry King last night. The Hub watched much more than I, simply because watching Ann can get me all verklempt sometimes, especially when I consider that the Chimp in Charge wouldn't be in charge if he'd never been elected governor. But what really gets me is how smart and sensible and awesome Ms Richards is and how this country will never have her as a president, simply because there are too many who fear a) the idea of a president who isn't a white male and b) fear a president who isn't bland. Which isn't to say I won't vote democratic in this election--to quote these guys, I'd vote for a hamster if it'd get Bush out of office--but I wish there were enough ballsy folk out there to give Ann a real shot. Ah, well.


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