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Friday Five (on Monday)

Via the father o' Pip:

If you could travel forward in time and meet yourself for a drink or a coffee somewhere, what are the five things you'd ask yourself about how your life turned out?

A short list, mostly because I simply don't want to know about how most things turn out. I suspect I'd be disappointed or amazed or aghast, for the most part, and just wouldn't want the stress. Still, things I'd like to know, sort of:

1. Did the Diva ever climb a bell tower with a high-powered rifle, metaphorically? I mean, I fully believe that she won't, still, there's that tiny lingering doubt that you may do something so very, very wrong parenting-wise that your kids will be totally screwed up for the rest of their lives. This may not be something every parent feels--but msot will admit that it has crossed their minds every now and again.

2. Did I ever publish a damn book? And, if so, which one was it?

3. Did I ever get my student loans paid off? How about a mortgage?

4. Did Mooch ever stop being so very, very odd and irritating? Did I ever just snap and choke the ever-lovin' crap out of him?

5. Did I ever lose all of the baby weight or did I just resort to paying someone to nip and tuck it?

Profound, I know.

In keeping with my general profundity, Nine Naked Men (not work-safe, natch) via Making Light. Be sure to have the sound up.


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