Don't blame me. I voted for Ann.

Gay Dollywood

I've had the pleasure of attending Ms Parton's theme park. I've done so a number of times, frankly, simply because the Hub designed lights for a couple of shows there and passes were part of the deal. It's a wacky place and comes complete with a restaurant called Aunt Granny's. It's fun. It's a piece of America. And it is a veritable shrine devoted to big boobs, fake hair and sequins.

This past weekend marked Gay Day, the same sort of event that Disney sees each year. It's a good time, by all accounts. Of course, not everyone thinks it's OK for queer folk to worship at Dolly's red laquered toes while eating fried dough. A tiny subset of the local KKK made an appearance this year, which had the opposite effect from what their head wackaloon had intended. Rather than scare people away, attendence surged.


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