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A brief update--Spring classes are done, done, done. My grades are in--except for one last final that is currently in the college's intercampus mail system somewhere. Once that catches up with me, tho, I can close the book on Spring. Woot!

While I had grand plans to do absolutely nothing this summer, save a couple of road trips (one to my family's annual beach fling in South Carolina and a Knoxville and/or Austin run) and nights drinking gin-and-tonics in the backyard, that pesky need to not simply live my life on the back of Mr Visa and Ms Mastercard has intruded. Plus, a couple of offers came up that I couldn't really turn down. First, I'll be teaching during the first summer session at SUCO, which starts June 1, and filling in part-time for the daily paper's features' editor while she's out on maternity leave, which starts today. So much for a responsibility-free June.

July is looking more promising in the lazing-about category. August looks better still. I'm sure this will change. Maybe by then I'll have sold a blasted book. The odds are about as slim as my taking a real vacation, so I wouldn't recommend holding one's breath.

Thus ends the news from the land of many vowels. Pictures anon.


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