New York in August. Woo.

000_0052 During the day yesterday, my Secret Knitter struck, with the help of a postman. Here is a quick picture of the goods, all with a similar theme. Wonder why SK choose Martinis...

Note the cute kitty card. Note that said kitty is in a typewriter. Awesome choice!

On the knitting front, I'm almost finished with the Diva's Tasia cardie, which is being done in a purple, pink, yellow and blue version of Koigu Kersti, which is soft and springy and good. Pictures when it is done.

Also on the knitting front, the back and fronts of my Peace Fleece cardi are blocking and I'll piece 'em together soonish. Then comes sleeves. Oh, how I loathe sleeves.

And, one last picture: 000_0041

The Diva is unamused.


I'm glad you liked the goodies! More to come...

(I can see the "secret" part of the secret pal program is going to be difficult. I almost revealed my name in the email I sent earlier. oops!)

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