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catching up

Classes start tomorrow and I'm still trying to get syllabi, first week assignments and the rest of the various school-starting what-not together. Of course, rather than do that, I'm sitting here writing a blog entry and watching Olympic beach volleyball. One must have priorities.

A few tidbits --

Ellen Goodman's column column today about the anniversary of women's suffrage, with this eye-opening nugget of information:

It's been 84 years since women won the right to vote and still the only women in the race for White House housing are ladies, as in first lady. This year, Iraqi women, under their brand new constitution, will hold 25 percent of the government seats, but American women, under their venerable old Constitution, will hold only 13.8 percent of the congressional seats.

"Failure is impossible," said Susan B. Anthony. But she forgot to mention how slow success could be.

While this has nothing to do with women and voting, we just got back from Maine, where we visited old college chums and their children, who live near Bath. Gorgeous country.

The first full day, however, was a little rainy and, as a result, buggy. Fortunately, there was a spare almost-Diva-sized slicker around.


We decided the best course of action was lobsters, which also made good playthings, corn and general carnage.


All that remained:


The weather improved, as weather often can -- and we learned why Maine is so popular.


Pretty, eh?

And, now, on to getting some work done. *sigh*


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