How ... odd.


Me this week -- and I should know better than to do these things to myself:

What are the five Friday Five questions that you hope no one ever asks?

1) What are the five things that you'll lie about, no matter how strenuously you deny that you're lying?

2) What are the five things you do when no one is looking that would most horrified to be observed doing?

3) What are the five mental images that keep you awake and breathless some nights? (Hint: the first one involves coming in to get Maddy in the morining and she's cold and blue.)

4) What are the five things you're going to do when the world finds out you're a talentless hack who really only has a few typing tricks to fall back on once the writerly chips are down and published?

5) What would you do for a Klondike bar?

Other fivers at left.


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