New York in August. Woo.

How do you spell relief?

Myrna and Charla are no more. While I respect what they were trying to do, I wanted to smack the crap out of the taller one, who may have been Myrna or may have been Charla. But, now, they are gone and I can focus my ire on the twins.

Personally, I'm rooting for the Bowling Moms or Chip and Kim, which means neither team will probably win.

Small complaint, tho: One of the reasons I liked AR so much is that they didn't have that many disgusting food challenges a la Survivior. So this season so far, there have been two. Granted, the foods themselves weren't disgusting but the quantities were. Still, I don't like watching folks fight back vomit. Yeeg. While reality TV isn't the classiest of mediums, AR used to have some. Now, I can see them poised with one foot on a slippery slope.

And if you have no idea what any of that means, sorry. The next post may be more to your liking.


I know exactly what you mean - the AR food stops are gross! I did not like Myrna (the tall one) she was so mean to Charla. I liked Charla's gusto but not much else! I am rooting for Chip and Kim! Do you watch Big Brother as well?

Charla's gusto was what made me slightly (just slightly, mind you) sad to see them go. And I did like host-guy almost crying as he told them they were the last to arrive. It's such a fun show -- if only they'd get rid of the food things. imo.

Nope, I don't watch Big Brother. I'm not a huge reality TV lover but do religiously watch AR, Monster House and Survivor.

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